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Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve A100L

Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve A100L


Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve A100L

A100L Application:
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves are used in pressurized solar water heater, electric water heater,gas water heater,heat pump water heater , and so on.The valves provide double protections for system by operating at the set temperature and pressure.

A100L Installation:
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves should be installed on the top of the water heater,or at the side.The thermostat must be immersed
in the water within the top 6" of the container.
The discharge line should be installed under the valve.And its ends should at least 152mm(6") above the floor drain so that any discharge will be easily visible. 

A100L Maintenance:
After installing, the valve lever must be lifted at least once per year to make sure that the water-ways are unobstructed. Some naturally
occurring mineral 
deposits may glue to the valve, blocking waterways, rendering it invalid.When manually operating 
the lever, hot water will drain .So please take all reasonable precautions to keep away from hot water.Before operating lever, check the discharge pipe which connecting the relief valve. Ensure that the hot water can flow into a proper place,otherwise it may cause the personal injury.If no water draining out, it proves that the relief valve is unable to take effect. Please turn off the water heater immediately and call a professional to check the valve.



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